Young and dynamic
While Entrepreneur Enrico Volterrani’s Prima
Pelle is a relatively young company founded
ten years ago, it is based on a thirty-year-long
experience in the sector. Located in the heart
of the leather production district of Santa
Croce sull’Arno, Prima Pelle presents itself
as a tannery specialized in the production
of reticulated python and ayers as well as in
exotic leathers for the Luxury market. The
Prima Pelle company has experienced a
rapid and steady growth, approaching the
market by basing its services, above all, on
professionalism and extreme transparency
for the client. The company’s streamlined and
dynamic organization enables it to carry out
almost the entire skin production cycle: from
fesh split skins to the fnished product, already
dab-coloured and hand-painted . One of the
strengths of Prima Pelle is its constant use of
habitual raw materials and the same products
for fnishing in order to obtain excellent skins
with foreseeable characteristics that do not
change with every process. A reassurance in the
fne skin sector, which deals with materials that
require a certain mastery in their processing.
An expertise, thanks to which, Prima Pelle has
become a point of reference in the sector